This is a poignant statement in regards to NFTs. A main problem of NFTs is that its oversupply exposes the lack of market as well as market value.

The NFT of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet (and the first tweet ever) "just setting up my twittr" was purchased by Sina Estavi for $2.9 million. To that, Estavi proclaimed, "This is not just a tweet! I think years later people will realize the true value of this tweet, like the Mona Lisa painting."

While that assessment of Dorsey's tweet may prove true in theory, the Mona Lisa, in contrast, was…

The democratization of financial markets over the past couple of decades has drawn people from all classes, statuses and trades into the robust world of investing. Fifteen years ago, it might have been hard to imagine being able to drop a few bucks on fractional or whole shares of a company with the tap of a thumb and a smartphone. Yet here we are, with a wealth of information and plenty of retail investing apps at fingertip-availability for anyone to build a formidable and fruitful investment portfolio.

But for beginning investors wading the waters of over 2,800 companies listed on…

All-female directors.

A 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes for the first season.

Playwright and showrunner Katori Hall has rendered her Pussy Valley play into a charismatic and au courant small-screen smash called P-Valley that has become a neon-bright spot in the dimmed, unchartered “quarantainment” era. As the sports world gradually remodels its product in 2020 D.C. (during coronavirus), P-Valley is pulling a rope-a-dope and displaying an air of athleticism all its own with characters who are just as agile in their personal matters as they are on stage. …

“It…scared the shit out of me.” F. Gary Gray’s apprehensive admission about directing an Ice Cube comedy expressed a plausible sentiment that ironically could’ve also surmised mainstream America’s discomposure with the rapper’s brazen cultural stature at the time. Picture the scene: Cube, a sociopolitcally-charged N.W.A. alumnus whose music and imagery had grown to articulate black angst in early 90s Los Angeles, an artist inspired by the militancy and teachings of the NOI, wanted to make — of all things — a comedy movie. And the stakes were high. A flop could have stunted Cube’s budding movie career. …

If the 2015 breakout hit “Say It” was your first introduction to Tory Lanez, you were considerably late. By then, Lanez had earned a cult following with a flurry of mixtapes — the most notable being his R&B-hinged Chixtape series. Even Before Bryson Tiller coined the phrase for his debut, it’s feasible to consider Lanez a forefather of trapsoul, an R&B sub-genre best described as an inverse of it’s older cousin New Jack Swing: “mentally R&B, roughed out on the Hip-Hop tip with a street feel, appeal to it.”

And a quick dive into how one song in particular has reawakened hip hop’s interest in the city’s sound.

In collaboration with Riverside Drive

Blocboy JB’s summer ’17 viral smash “Shoot” was a Trojan horse of sorts. On the surface, it had the appearance of being another club banger coupled with a fly-by-night dance craze that infiltrated airwaves, football fields and maybe even your grandmother’s bones. But beneath the buck jumping, the song’s producer, 22-year-old Memphis newcomer Tay Keith was planting the seed for a rejuvenated interest in the Memphis sound for a younger, more contemporary crowd. And some of the most touted names in the industry wanted a piece.

Even as crunk music withered some 10 years ago…

Paper Boi / Atlanta Promo, Season 2

Atlanta’s gleaming quality of irony and surrealism are fully displayed in the second (and fittingly titled) Sportin’ Waves episode of Robbin’ Season. Like the beginning of the first episode, there’s a robbery — albeit with unmissable differences. In this particular incident, a main character is a victim of a heist, and there are no mortal consequences or even shots fired. …

Karat 24 is a continuous collection of 24 buzzing hip hop/R&B songs, a few throwbacks, and a few tracks you may have snubbed or didn’t know about, but should. Spreading light and shedding light.

Liner Notes

-editorial insights, backstories and reviews into a few of the artists/songs that appear on the Karat 24 playlist. Stay updated with the playlist here.

Sonder — Too Fast

On December 21, 1993, Jodeci released one of the most influential albums in modern R&B, “Diary of a Mad Band”. In contrast to the clean-cut acts of the early 90s, Jodeci’s grittier image and blunt lyricism was the climax of New Jack Swing’s aspirations. As such, hip hop embraced the group’s brand of expression — a sort of “street love” that did not compromise the culture’s machismo. Among rappers in their day, Jodeci was the “cool R&B group to listen to.” And that sentiment has guided a new wave of admirers among current R&B/hip hop acts who continue to sample Devante Swing’s production and interpolate the band’s lyrics.

This is a playlist inspired by Jodeci.

Drake has been one of the biggest influences in millennial R&B ever since Lil’ Wayne cosigned the Canadian artist’s first mainstream project, So Far Gone. While some detractors dismiss his more melodic offerings, most would agree that a little bit of Heartbreak Drake never hurt nobody — especially during cuffing season. Here’s a quick six of the spitter-crooner’s best R&B cuts that you should scatter throughout your slow-down and warm-up playlists.

6. The Real Her (featuring Lil’ Wayne and André 3000)

Honestly, the chorus bears most of the weight for this underrated gem from Drake’s best album, Take Care. “You got that shit that somebody would look for, but…

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