This is a poignant statement in regards to NFTs. A main problem of NFTs is that its oversupply exposes the lack of market as well as market value.

The NFT of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet (and the first tweet ever) "just setting up my twittr" was purchased by…

And a quick dive into how one song in particular has reawakened hip hop’s interest in the city’s sound.

In collaboration with Riverside Drive

Blocboy JB’s summer ’17 viral smash “Shoot” was a Trojan horse of sorts. On the surface, it had the appearance of being another club banger coupled with a fly-by-night dance craze that infiltrated airwaves, football fields and maybe even your grandmother’s bones. But beneath the…

Paper Boi / Atlanta Promo, Season 2

Atlanta’s gleaming quality of irony and surrealism are fully displayed in the second (and fittingly titled) Sportin’ Waves episode of Robbin’ Season. Like the beginning of the first episode, there’s a robbery — albeit with unmissable differences. In this particular incident, a main character is a victim of a heist…

On December 21, 1993, Jodeci released one of the most influential albums in modern R&B, “Diary of a Mad Band”. In contrast to the clean-cut acts of the early 90s, Jodeci’s grittier image and blunt lyricism was the climax of New Jack Swing’s aspirations. As such, hip hop embraced the group’s brand of expression — a sort of “street love” that did not compromise the culture’s machismo. Among rappers in their day, Jodeci was the “cool R&B group to listen to.” And that sentiment has guided a new wave of admirers among current R&B/hip hop acts who continue to sample Devante Swing’s production and interpolate the band’s lyrics.

This is a playlist inspired by Jodeci.

Darren Ballard

Former writer for several professional athletes’ digital properties, currently crafting political, social and pop culture pieces.

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